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The TAZ Process
Over the past ten years, we have been testing, tweaking and tracking all the different tactics that have sent our clients substantial traffic, leads, and sales.
Client Success Stories
Free Consultations

I signed on with Taz Solutions to manage my social media about a year ago. We recently ran a campaign to generate new leads by offering free consultations, and my calendar is full! Thank you so much.

Clients as Partners

I’ve been working with Taz Solutions for more than three years now, and I use almost every one of the services they provide. Their attitude of looking at clients as partners is wonderful, and I owe the success of my franchise business to them.

That’s a great problem to have.

Taz social media ran a contest for me, and I got more leads in one day than I had received in the previous six months before teaming up with Taz. My only problem now…is keeping track of all of these samples and leads! That’s a great problem to have.

Refreshing in Every Sense

I’ve gone from a malfunctioning website with no traffic to a streamlined site that regularly captures new leads for me…and I even learned how to update it myself!